•   12 months ago

EAP Agreement

Where do I have to submit the signed PDF of the agreement after applying?


  • Manager   •   12 months ago

    Hey there! You'll need to email it to dani@devpost.com. Thanks!

  •   •   12 months ago

    Thanks for the response. Have emailed. I couldn't find this instruction on the agreement section, would be helpful if this step is mentioned on the page. Thanks again ✨

  • Manager   •   12 months ago

    We add a line to email Dani but this feedback is helpful because we'll bold it! Thank you =)

  •   •   12 months ago

    Sent the email but no response.

  • Manager   •   12 months ago

    Hi there,

    You should have received access! Your Drive should have the API code and you can access the link with your Google account logged in.

  •   •   12 months ago

    Thanks, Dani. Merry Christmas

  •   •   11 months ago

    Very nice shots of the rest how about

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