•   11 months ago

Query: Publishing the project

Do we need to publish the app on google play store or can we just zip the .Apk file. As we are at the end of hackathon and approval from playstore takes time


  • Manager   •   11 months ago

    Hi Yogesh, no you do not need to publish to the Google Play Store. The submission requirements are listed below. They can also be found under the rules tab on the site.
    - Include an Application built with the required developer tools and meets the above Application Requirements.
    - Include a text description that should explain the features and functionality of your Application.
    - Include a demonstration video of your Application. The video portion of the submission 3 minutes or less. It should show footage of the demo in action and must be publicly visible.
    - Include a URL to the working and published project. The Application must be public.

  •   •   11 months ago

    Hello Lee,

    Thanks for your reply, is it ok if we upload .apk file or do we need to upload entire unity project file

  • Manager   •   11 months ago

    The apk file will work!

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